22 september 2022

Beton-T Europalaan 3526KS

A celebration of the street culture within our city

Skateboarding, BMX, Graffiti, Rap and Hip Hop dance communities doing  ‘what they love and do best’. 

Current Programme


Opening Street Culture Utrecht 2022
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Skateboarding & BMX workshops
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Skatesesh 900
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Skatesesh 900 | Cash for Tricks U900 Obstacle
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Community BBQ & Talks
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Film premiere: Legends of the Roof
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Live Acts, Dance Battles & DJ sets
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Closure Street Culture Utrecht 2022

No racism or discrimination allowed in any form

Introducing the U900 Obstacle 

Noble will be hosting Skatesesh 900 with the help of local skater and artist Thomas Klein Horsman, who designed an obstacle that invites all walks of life to appreciate the effect this piece of art has on its locale and its space.


Street Culture Utrecht 2022 is an initiative of Noble Goods Co. and is supported by:

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